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Solutions for Leadership and Management in the 21st Century


Forward Thinking

With a talented team of trainers and advisers we holistically enable participants to reach their full potential; both at
our unique training events and with on-going support.


Meeting Needs

Providing carefully crafted and bespoke courses to enable your organisation, and you as an individual, to command greater respect, value and status as leaders and team players in your field.


Transforming Leadership

With practical skills and theoretical training, individual coaching and on-going support, participants will
enrich those they seek to lead with increased sensitivity, wisdom and insight.


Innovative Team Building

Enabling teams from every type of organisation to perform with a greater sense of co-operation,
understanding and cohesiveness.

  • Teaching Ability 96%
  • Course Enjoyment 97%
  • Client Satisfaction 99%

Strong, cohesive teams and effective leaders don’t evolve by chance.

They require the right blend of skills from management and employees alike.

Forward Together is a team building and leadership development company which uses an experiential learning model to achieve successful outcomes. We aim to maximise the effectiveness of both the team and leadership within the workplace by creating tailor-made team building activity programmes and leadership development courses.

Forward Together is a small and respected corporate development company. Whether it be a structured team event with specific learning outcomes or a leadership enhancement programme, we are always delighted to design a bespoke programme to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Each of our team building or leadership development courses are tailored to suit your specific needs. We don’t impose anything; rather we build bespoke solutions which blend programmes with our specialised team and leadership development methodology.

The “I do” philosophy is one we build our ethos around. We integrate our programmes with traditional classroom methods and experiential learning and find that this mix of activity enables far greater knowledge retention.

Our lead trainer is Michael J Taylor, MBA. Michael has more than 20 years experience in senior positions of leadership and management both in the UK and South East Asia. He is an experienced trainer and educator with a wide range of business experience and works freelance for a number of large organisations including the University of Cambridge as a trainer. Michael believes passionately that the main vehicle for success is believing in yourself and empowering others to realise not only their own potential but that of an organisation. He has completed research for an MBA on organisational change management and leadership and gained a distinction for his research dissertation. Michael has recently been given membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management. He shares a thought from Confucius which is at the very heart of Forward Together’s philosophy.

“Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I will understand.” – Confucius

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