Building Effective Leadership and Management Skills

The following is merely an example of our programme and will vary according to client requirements.


VENUE: The Burton Hotel, Kington, Herefordshire.
DURATION: Three days and two nights.


5.00 – 6.00 pm Arrival
6.00 – 7.00 pm Getting to know you – breaking the ice and introductions
7.00 pm Dinner
8.30 -9.45 pm Session 1 – High Performing Executives

The ability to create the conditions and environment for success are important characteristics of a strong leader. Attendees will learn that successful executives possess four critical skills which enable them to lead a team through periods of transformation and growth.

9.45pm Free time – Bar games


7.00 – 9.00 am Breakfast.
9.30am – 10.45am Session 2 – Emotional Intelligence

The focus of this session will be on research which links psychology and neuroscience enabling us to develop the concept that, in leadership, emotional Intelligence matters more than IQ.

10.45 am Coffee/Tea Break
11.15 am -12.30 pm Session 3 – Assertive Communication

The Course Team will provide an assessment enabling each participant to learn more about his/her own communication style – are you Passive, Aggressive, Manipulative or Assertive? Why do you need to know this?

12.30 pm Lunch
1.30 – 2.45 pm Session 4 – Situational Leadership

What is your personal management style? What are the different styles of leadership? How can you effectively diagnose a situation at your workplace? Which style of leadership do you employ for each situation? How adaptable are you as a manager? These questions and others will be answered in this session while the team will work with you on assessing your own leadership style, including how to analyse the readiness of the people you lead.

2.45 – 3.00 pm Short Tea Break
3.00 pm – 5.00 pm Session 5 – “In at the deep end”

We all participate together in a fun, interactive outdoor activity that takes us out of the meeting room and into the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. The team may well end up in a ‘perilous situation’, danger is everywhere and time is running out. As a leader, will you know how to lead and, more importantly, when to follow?

5.00 pm – 7.00 pm Free Time
7.00 pm Dinner – followed by a special guest speaker
9.30 pm A Movie which will focus on the importance of understanding the differing preferences, communication styles and problem solving techniques of leaders.


Breakfast until 9am
9.30am -12.30pm Session 6 – MBTI Workshop

“Know yourself” – Socrates. This session is about improving personal effectiveness. Using the Myers-Briggs type® Indicator, from the pre-work which you will be asked to do before coming along to the weekend, the facilitator will assist you in understanding your own preferences. Self awareness is the first step on the journey to understanding others.

Weekend Training Ends

1.00 pm Lunch for those who wish to remain and linger a little longer.

The fully inclusive price for our course described above is as follows:

£640 + VAT with Certificate (single occupancy)

£570 + VAT with Certificate (shared occupancy)

For Non-Residential participants, we charge

£335 + VAT with Certificate.

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