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Action Learning:

Facing the problems and uncertainties with others in a controlled environment to achieve solutions and outcomes.


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According to R.W. Johnson, ‘the revered Washington journalist’, any solution to a problem changes the problem. To some extent this is true, but the question is how to find a pathway through a problem in the first place. This is where Action Learning comes in and offers a process of simplicity in complexity. Under the guidance of Forward Together UK, a problem is posed for which participants who, although from a wide range of backgrounds, will come together and provide a single unified solution.

Such groups of individuals are termed ‘sets’ and, in an atmosphere of relaxation and trust, consider, analyse and support one another in interpreting and weighing up a problem with a view to finding a pathway through it. Our trained and qualified staff subtly direct the ‘set’ as people work together, each one learning to persuade and express and often re-examine their own views and cherished opinions. In this environment people co-operate, learn from one another; see the other point of view without losing their own identity or negating their personal attitudes.

It is a sophisticated inter-action of people striving to bring value to a common goal in a free but ordered structure. This strategy gets results and outcomes which leave all members of the sets satisfied with the experience. That’s Action Learning.

1-churchill-forward-together-768x1144For the individual it has the following advantages:

* An opportunity to reflect on practical solutions

* A chance to ‘slow think’ – postpone judgements and open up to new connections and other answers

* A chance to give and receive personal feedback

* Observe amongst others personal reactions to problem solving

* Working in a non-judgemental, mutually supportive and safe environment which permits a more productive and relaxed way of gathering know-how from others

* No interruptions – just focussed thinking within a group of ‘listening ears and questioning minds’ who will, themselves, have varied backgrounds

* Time to evolve, test, rethink and run ideas past others

* The growing ease and confidence which one has when realising an individual has more in common with others than was first perceived

To any organisation, Action Learning benefits are critically positive in so many ways:

* Skills and leadership development

* Personal and team growth

* Managing change

Forward Together UK has the expertise to deliver Action Learning at all levels.

Our proven experience in delivering Action Learning across the public and private sector enables us to lead our programmes both effectively and professionally.

‘It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question’

Eugene Ionesco



Psychometric and other assessment tools are employed in a highly practical sense. By assessing how teams and individuals are performing, we are able to implement a course of action to move forward together.


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No labels, just practical performance improvement skills.

‘It is always well to accept your own shortcomings with candour but to regard those of your friends with incredulity’ so said Russell Lynes in his article, published in Vogue, on ‘The Art of Accepting’.

Lynes was a critic of social pretension in 1950s America. In our context, with regard to ‘performance’, we don’t think that candour is such a bad thing for the individual.

After all, confidence tinged with encouragement, direction and advice should root out those shortcomings and promote the openness, frankness and freedom from prejudice which helps personal striving and development. We believe that, in doing so, it also tempers the judgemental side and helps replace the ‘incredulity of others’ with understanding, dialogue and teamwork through increased inter-personal skills.

Such is the basis of Assessment. We avoid labelling people. We employ psychometric and 360° assessment tools in a highly practical way to open safe conversations about how individuals and teams are performing. The knowledge gained from using such tools can help us radically improve performance in the singular and group sense.

We have incorporated these tools into our event programmes and can also use them to design your own assessment centres, team workshops or coaching interventions.

‘Thinking isn’t agreeing or disagreeing. That’s voting’.
Robert Frost



All our leadership and management programmes are focused on change and we use a variety of methodology through both team action and coaching. Specifically tailored to your needs, we offer certification for all our delegates who successfully complete our programmes. This can then be used to add to your CPD profile.

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In our Team Building Workshops we work together, agreeing and disagreeing, assessing problems and using all manner of tried and tested tools to weigh, judge and determine directions for problem solving.

Our workshops use psychometrics to aid personal understanding and identify team working issues. Change and business models assist the team in thinking through their challenges and how to address them.

We specialise in devising bespoke events which are tailored to meet the specific objectives that you identify for your team.

We have worked with a variety of teams across the public, private and voluntary sector to help them work more effectively together and focus on key issues, developing an action plan for future business improvement.

A confidential 360° research process can be used to obtain feedback on issues affecting the effective performance of your team from your front-line staff as well as directors and external partners. It enables us to better understand the key issues and perceptions, not only of your team but those who interact with you. This ensures that the ‘development’ we design and deliver is appropriate with outcomes that are relevant to your team and your working environment.

Our bespoke events, designed with your objectives in mind, are multi-purpose:Team Building

* Clarifying your team vision and direction
* Identifying the key issues affecting the effective performance of your team
* Helping your team members understand their individual leadership styles
* Enabling them to understand the impact of their personality types on team dynamics
* Creating and implementing an action plan which will make a measurable difference to workplace performance

The results? Far reaching and profound in the functioning of a team.
The bespoke management team events generally involve two days of delivery with your team, but that’s just the start. We can offer more. Our services include follow-up sessions to look at the progress you’ve made against your action plans. An evaluation can be made of the benefits and the changes made in the workplace since the event. Taking things further, we can work with you to identify additional appropriate development for individuals or your team as a whole.
Response from our clients is extremely positive. Approval is not only for the effectiveness of our tailor made events but for the very real ‘return-on-investment’ identified in the improved performance of teams. In meeting your needs our approach offers a powerful process that will help achieve a sustainable improvement in the performance of your team.

‘…..responsible action is, in itself, an effective learning process’
Professor Reg Revans
Pioneer of Action Learning


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One-to-one coaching is a rewarding interlude for leaders and managers to engage in that rare activity of auditing their own performance, without prejudice, in a non-judgemental, safe environment – dedicated to exploring possibilities and potentials.

‘That which I am unaware of controls me’

One to one

We encourage self-discovery, actively initiated and directed by professionals. We have qualified and experienced executive coaches who are already well attuned to working with senior staff in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

During individual coaching we focus on development that will help leaders and managers become more effective in their current roles. Indeed stretching them to the next level of attainment, we work in ways that are sustainable and personally rewarding.

We answer organisational development needs by asking and developing deeper, wide ranging questions. Carefully listening and talking with you, we jointly diagnose your particular organisational needs. A working brief and operational goal is agreed, with you identifying essential areas, and it is only then that we start the coaching process.

‘That of which I am aware empowers me’

What do I need to do to improve my performance? Are my existing beliefs, values, attitudes a block to progressing? Do I make the most of my resources? Do I organise my staff as well as I should? Do I communicate well enough with them? Can I be sure? Is my personal response to new challenges, markets, and technologies as accepting and dynamic as it should be?

Time demands, self-doubts, the intensity and speed of change and inward pressures and issues all need the breathing space of examination. This is not rocket science, just self-discovery by way of individual coaching and processes which overrule reticence, encourage realisation and facilitate experimentation.

Our coaching associates have a mix of skills including Life Coaching, Performance Coaching and Therapeutic Coaching. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to develop tailored programmes on coaching and mentoring skills and the management of coaching and mentoring for leaders.

All Forward Together UK programmes are aimed at meeting the needs of our participants, with one-to-one coaching being offered as an additional follow up. However, should you prefer, we can arrange bespoke one-to-one coaching exclusively for an individual or, alternatively, for several people in your organisation. Just ask – we’re here to help.

‘The trouble with our age is that it is all signpost and no destination.’

Louis Kronenburger
Critic, Editor and Writer


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