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Many of the best people you need are already working for you.

Our work at Forward Together UK is to bring about change. Change to instil greater clarity of thinking and a re-alignment of attitudes, skills and behaviours. Our focus is to give your people the skills to make the change you require. In this way, we hope to energise a more productive and more positive approach to problems and operational opportunities for both leaders and their teams.

What we do is reflected in the successful performance of others.

Vision, self-awareness, incisive creative thinking and enhanced communication capabilities all come under our remit of training and development.

At Forward Together UK we focus on:

• The key areas of management training, leadership development and team building.
• We use Action Learning, Assessment, Dynamic Programmes, as well as one to one coaching.
• We develop your people to coach, mentor and facilitate Action Learning.

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Forward Together UK is here to initiate and support change.

All manner of people offer support and services to organisations and yet none are as critical to the success of a business as professional consultants involved with leadership development, team building and change.

Our experience tells us that organisations are not like machines which can simply be ‘re-engineered’. They are complex, social entities. The consequences of an organisation’s actions can be anticipated but not predicted. Hence the implementation of change is an emergent and interactive process. The Greek philosopher Aristotle put his finger on it when he observed that ‘we are what we repeatedly do’.

Timely intervention can, in an environment of acceptance, right many wrongs that would otherwise continue. In this vein our consultants can make a substantial difference to the efficiency and efficacy of an organisation. They can induce the subtleties required to influence progress. They can invigorate listless thinking with far-sighted and proactive initiatives, all the time working to encourage, involve and bring people along with them at all levels of an organisation.

Our job is to help organisations see the pathways, appreciate the options, examine the implications and creatively devise the strategies to bring about change. Additionally, giving you the means and space to think, suggesting the parameters and being a professional ‘sounding board’ are all part and parcel of our training and consultancy packages.

We ensure that both the time we provide and the time that you sanction is used effectively to support change.

‘Men are much better than their ordinary life allows them to be’.

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